The Firebombing of Dresden: A Survivor’s Tale

Forum Museum
Monday, 12 February, 6 pm


Guest: Victor Gregg, London, in an interview with Alexander Menden, Süddeutsche Zeitung/London
In English with simultaneous interpreter

14 February 1945 ought to be the day of his execution. But instead of a German execution squad, he was faced with Allied bombers. Viktor Gregg, born in 1919 in London, was the only Briton to experience – and survive – the air raids on Dresden above ground. Since the beginning of World War II he had fought against the Nazis. He had been in El Alamein with the Rifle Brigade, had taken part in the Italian Campaign and was involved in the Battle of Arnhem as a paratrooper, where he became a prisoner of war. After two failed attempts to escape, he was caught during an act of sabotage in a Dresden factory and sentenced to death.

In an interview with the London correspondent of the
Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, Alexander Menden, Victor Gregg gives a first-hand account of the destruction in February 1945. Having been unable to speak about the traumatising events in Dresden for decades, he now describes, among other things, how he helped to rescue survivors, but also recover victims from the air raid shelters for five days after the bombings.