MHM Berlin-Gatow Airfield

The Museum of Military History – Berlin-Gatow Airfield (the former Air Force Museum) is a branch of the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History. Like its parent agency in Dresden, it does not see itself primarily as a museum of technical history, but rather as a modern museum of cultural history.

The MHM Berlin-Gatow Airfield is the central learning venue on the history of military aviation in Germany providing a first-hand experience to visitors. Whereas the museum of Dresden tells a general cultural history of violence, the Berlin Museum focuses on aerial warfare as the most recent development in the military use of force. Here as well, the human, who spreads violence and who suffers from it, is at the heart. Aerial warfare and the development of modern military aviation have changed the way people think about war and their actions during a war.

The MHM Berlin-Gatow airfield is the only aviation museum in Germany located on an airfield protected as a historic monument. It accommodates the largest collections of aerial assets from the Cold War era worldwide, consisting of exhibits from both political blocs.

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